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Hormann Rollmatic

In our opinion, the Hormann Rollmatic is the best roller door on sale today.
We love the 24V motor, giving obstacle detection through the full range of travel, omiting the need for a safety edge which can be unreliable on other roller doors.
Fully boxed as standard, brilliant manual override, and windlocked.
Why pay more for other roller doors that don’t boast these features??

All the other manufacturers use a mains voltage motor offering no obstacle detection, so they need to install and electrical safety to make the doors safe. From experience, we know that these can be unreliable, and who needs that? If your looking for an insulated roller door, look no further, this is the one you want.

Hormann doors are sprung counterbalanced, so the operator is only moving the door and not lifting it, therefore the motors can be 24V giving much better control of the door and also amperage sensing. So, when the door is installed, its sent through a  learning process which tunes the motor to that particular door. Soft start, soft stop and obstacle detection parameters are all learnt.

Again, with sprung balanced doors, to use it manually, just pull the release, and the door can easily be moved by hand. All mains voltage doors have a winding handle thats a pain to use.

The slat profile on the Rollmatic has less detail on the exterior surface, giving a more modern appearance.

Brochure download below

Hormann Rollmatic

Check this video on the door from Hormann themselves!!

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