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Gate Automation & access control

We have a large range of electric gate operators to suit every gate. We choose to use BFT for our automation but we can also supply install and repair FAAC, Came, Nice, BPT, Gibidi and Beninca if required.

Automation is tailored to you and your needs. Again there is quite a few things to think about, we are on hand to guide you as required.

A few simple questions normally help us to help you.

  • What are your primary reasons for automating the gates? Security? Convenience? Privacy?
  • What style do you prefer (we have extensive image galleries for you to peruse)
  • How would you like the gates to operate? Remote controls go without saying but would you unlike them closed all day? Or would you prefer to leave them open during the day?
  • Access control options. There are many ways of actually opening the gate depending on the security that you require
  • Do you require an intercom system so that you can identify visitors before ending the gate? With the current mobile phone technology we can have the gate call your mobile so you can speak to your visitors even when you aren’t home, you can even open the gate if required.

We use BFT for our automation systems; we have done so for years, we find it extremely reliable. We are also their installer of choice for the south west region, we have a strong relationship.
BFT make electromechanical and hydraulic systems, so there is always something to suit your gates. Hydraulic systems are normally used for high usage systems or large heavy gates, they offer unrivalled duty cycles and reliability. For example, the underground sub ram will do gates of 800 kgs per leaf up to 500 times in 24 hours, impressive!
The electromechanical systems are also very good but more suited to smaller gates in domestic properties where these heavy duty cycles don’t occur.

We have a range of access control systems to control your gate as required. Remote controlled operation is standard with all systems. Some people like to leave the gates open all day and have them closed in the evening. This can be done automatically with a timer, so you don’t forget to close them in the evening.

If you want to keep your gate closed at all times, maybe you need the extra security or you have young children and pets require locking in, then you may wish to consider an intercom system. Intercoms can work in many ways. Hardwired systems are good if it’s easy to get cables back to the house. You can then have audio and even video option with small videophones in the house. If cabling is difficult then we also have wireless and GSM options depending on the distance between the house and gate.

The Videx GSM intercoms work with the mobile phone network. There is a SIM card installed onto the intercom, so that it can connect to the network with best signal. When a visitor arrives, the press the button on the intercom and it will dial whatever number is programmed into the SIM, normally the house. We can also set it up to divert to your mobile if there is no answer at the house. The gate can be opened by pressing 3 on the hand set if you choose to grant access.

Whilst access control is designed to limit access, its nice to be able to give a ‘free exit’ to everyone wishing to leave. This can be done with an induction loop installed in the drive. This senses vehicles as they approach the gates and open the gates automatically.

If gate automation is something you want to consider, we will come to site to survey it for you. We can help you with all of the little details that will make this installation work seamlessly for you. After some discussion we can the submit or formal quotation for you to consider. If you wish to proceed’ installation normally takes place 4-6 weeks after order, installation normally take between 1 and 3 days to complete.

When installation is complete we will impact test the gates to ensure they are safe and comply with all current legislation. As responsible, quality installers, we want our gates to be safe for you and your family, we take this seriously.

  • January 5, 2023
    Simon Bartington
    First class service from Jon and his Team, from initial consultation to recommending a versatile and robust Security System on our apartment complex and multiple gates. Most professional tradesperson I have dealt with in decades, knocks spots off all the other Security Gate Suppliers in the South West, we have used lots of them in the past 30 years! Save your time and money and give these guys a call as your first call!
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  • Brilliant service. Arrived on day of call and Sam was extremely helpful. Solved the problem and am a happy customer. Will have all services done with them in future.