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Steel sliding gates

Steel is an ideal material to make sliding gates from. We have a huge range of designs to choose from that are sure to compliment your entrance. All of our steel gates are galvanized as standard.
Galvanising is a process where the manufactured gates are dipped in a bath of molten zinc at approx. 460 degrees C.
This bonds a protective surface to the steel that will protect it for many years. To improve the final appearance most customers also have the gate powder coated. This is a baked on surface finish that should make the gate itself maintenance free.

Sliding gates can offer a few advantages over swing gates if you have the space to install one. If you have a drive that slopes upwards or if you park very close to the gate, then it’s certainly worth considering. If the ground is level then we can install a floor track, if not we can use a cantilever system where the gate will appear to float across the drive.

Sliding gates also cope very well in exposed locations. They aren’t really affected by strong winds.

Automation of sliding gates is simple with our range of low voltage BFT operators, they are extremely reliable and safe thanks to their built in obstacle detection.

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