How Can You Keep Your Garage Child Friendly? - 17/06/19

How Can You Keep Your Garage Child Friendly?

A garage can be utilised for anything, more so than any other space in your home. Your garage can be used for keeping the car clean, storing your tools, or just as another room in your home.


For anyone with children in the home, keeping every room safe is of vital importance. Besides, the garage tends to have a few more dangers than the majority of the home. Therefore, understanding how best to childproof the garage is of even greater importance.


What do You Have in Your Garage?

Garages can quite often become a dumping ground for anything and everything. Over the years it very easy to lose track of what you actually have in the garage. So, understanding what is in your garage is the first and often largest task.


Once you’ve done this, it’s important to assess what poses a potential risk to your children. Commonly tools, paint, and ladders are stored in the garage, all with potential risks to children if they aren’t stored correctly and out the reach of children, so safe storage of such items should be your number one priority.


Perhaps you just keep your car in the garage. While taking an extra second to make sure that the handbrake is on and the car doors are locked seems obvious, we know that with children around it’s easy to get distracted.


Making Sure Your Garage Door is Safe

Not only is it important to ensure the contents of your garage are safe, but the garage door itself can pose a threat should it not be maintained properly. If you own an automatic garage door, it’s important to make sure your children understand it’s not a toy.


Although, we understand that kids being kids, they may not take heed of any warnings. So, it’s vitally important that if you have a garage door opener that you keep this out of the hands of your children at all times.


Furthermore, it’s important that you check your garage door is functioning as it should and doesn’t pose a risk of malfunctioning. If you ever encounter any issues we’re here to help. We can help with both repairs and servicing, giving you extra peace of mind.


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