How To Make The Most Of Your Security Camera System - 10/06/19

How To Make The Most Of Your Security Camera System

CCTV systems are one of the most popular ways of increasing the security of properties and businesses. Unfortunately, even in areas that are considered that have low crime rates, criminal activity willhappen. It’s important that you prepare yourself for all eventualities as failure to do so could lead to property damage, and decreased safety for you, your family or your employees. CCTV technology has progressed over the years, replacing a fuzzy video with hi-tech visual and audio systems. While most systems require very little maintenance, there are a few ways you can really make the most of this technology.


To learn how you can do just that, this blog will explain some practical ways that you can make the most of your security camera system.

Where should you place home security cameras?

Placement of your security cameras is something that should be considered carefully, as poorly placed systems will have little to no effect on the safety of your property. Make sure you have a thorough look around your property to find out which area is the best, or seems the most vulnerable – your chosen installation company will also be able to offer professional advice as to where is the best place for your cameras to go.


South West Garage Doorshave a range of security products suitable for all areas of your home or business. From cameras to access control pads to go alongside, we have all you need to improve the security of your property.

Front door

One of the most popular places to install a CCTV camera is around the front of your property. This will allow you to monitor the activity around the perimeter of your property, including your driveway and the nearby road where trespassers may loiter or spy a property before breaking in at a later time. As the main entry point to your home or business, your front door can be used to gain access to your home or office and reach for items through the letterbox. Furthermore your front windows may be used to find potential items to steal on return. Putting security cameras around the front of your home can help avoid all this, or catch anyone who is attempting to do so – it’s likely that any unwanted guests who see a security system in place will choose not to go through with the criminal activity due to the risk of being caught.

Back door

It’s important to safeguard the rear of your property as well as the front, as many burglars use this area to gain access since it’s often less secure. Unlocked doors and rusty windows are easily breakable, and while these should be replaced, even vulnerable areas may be completely avoided if the burglar can see outdoor security cameras staring right back at them! Burglars and home invaders are not afraid to jump fences and use side alleys to get into your garden, so make sure you’re prepared to catch them in the act. For extra security, pair your CCTV with security doors that are hard to break in to.

Above your garage

Another great place to install CCTV is above your garage door – this will give you a direct view of your vehicle as well as everyone who comes on to your driveway.  Your garage door is another way to gain entry to your home, or steal expensive tools and equipment, so having a high-quality camera directly above will ward off any unwanted guests.

Important things to consider

CCTV can be very effective when properly installed, but it’s essential that you don’t rush the job and doing so could mean you forget about some important factors. Make sure you think about the following:


There’s nothing worse than installing CCTV only to have its view blocked by glare from the sun. This needs to be considered before installation and it may take a few attempts to get the position just right. Make sure your camera is facing away from direct sunlight to avoid lens flare which can create small dots on your security footage.

Blind spots

It’s all well and good having cameras around your home, but make sure they’re doing their job properly by covering all of the important areas. Don’t forget about blind spots that could allow people to enter or damage your property undetected.

WIFI connection

The further away your camera is installed from your home router, the weaker the WIFI connection will be. To get the best out of your camera it’s essential that you have adequate signal strength so the internet connection doesn’t drop, leaving you will no footage. Usually, this isn’t a problem but make sure you consider this if your system requires internet.

How can you utilise your cameras fully?

Home security cameras are one of the best ways of improving the security of many locations, and with today’s constantly advancing technology, there are a number of additions that you can put in place to enhance your system as well as practical changes.

Disguising your camera

Hidden cameras are a great way of monitoring your home or business discreetly, as well as maintaining the aesthetics of your home. If you suspect your nanny or employee isn’t behaving as they should, why not install a covert camera to keep an eye on things while you’re not there. Cameras can be disguised in bushes, within everyday objects, plant pots and bird boxes.

Protect footage

If your CCTV is run via the internet, you may want to seek professional advice on how you can protect your camera’s firmware, as insecure connections could you leave you vulnerable to hackers. It’s also a good idea to download footage onto a secure drive or USB to keep a record of potential threats.

Weather protection

Outdoor security cameras that are out in the elements need to be weatherproofed for rainy and windy weather. Although many systems are made with waterproof features, you may need to buy a protective casing for those without – this will also prevent insects from damaging your camera and criminals from vandalising the lens.

Check it regularly

It may sound obvious, but it’s important that you check your CCTV regularly to ensure it’s in good working order – you may find that your cameras haven’t been running and are in need for a repair.

What are the benefits of CCTV?

According to the British Security Industry Authority (BSIA), there are up to 5.9 million CCTV cameras in the UKwhich works out at 1 camera for every 11 people. Clearly, the UK is a nation that’s invested in the safety of their homes and businesses and with many benefits of installing CCTV, we can see why.

Crime deterrent

The most obvious benefit of security cameras is their way of preventing break-ins and damage to your property and belongings. Visible cameras show unwanted guests that you have security systems in place, which poses a threat to them getting caught. No one wants an intruder in their home, so even if you don’t have valuable lying around your home, CCTV is a proven way of stopping criminals in their tracks.


If you are unlucky enough to experience a break-in, then cameras will increase the likeliness of catching the criminals. Good quality cameras will provide evidence of the activity, as well as a good look at the individual or group which can then be assessed and identified by police.


For those who want to feel a little safer at home or work, CCTV will give you comfort that you’re protected from criminal activity, or at least have measures in place to catch anyone who attempts it. Cameras can also make your employees feel a lot better about coming to work, especially if their working hours begin in the early morning or late at night.


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