Roller Garage Doors vs. Up and Over Garage Doors: Which Option is Best For You? - 15/06/19

Roller Garage Doors vs. Up and Over Garage Doors: Which Option is Best For You?


If you’re a car enthusiast, it’s likely you’ll have your pride and joy tucked away safely in your own personal garage. As well as protecting your car against the elements and possible theft, a spacious garage can also be converted into a habitable living space and can significantly enhance the exterior of your home. With this in mind, having a garage door that’s both stylish and secure is of the utmost importance.


Nowadays, there are tons of different garage door models on the market and with the option to choose the style, colour and finish, you can customise your garage door replacement to blend in seamlessly with your property. However, whilst the industry is not short of choice, there are two types of garage door that have continued to be firm favourites with homeowners. Roller garage doors and up and overs are extremely popular as not only are they easy to operate, but they also have a simple yet distinctive style about them. If you own a garage, the last thing you want is a door that’s complicated to open or prone to malfunctioning. This is never a worry with either of the above-mentioned models as they are known for being both reliable and low-maintenance.


Whilst both of these garage door styles come with a myriad of benefits, knowing the pros and cons inside out is the only way to make an informed decision about which best suits your requirements. From closing mechanisms and colour schemes to cost and security, there is lots to consider when choosing the right garage door for you. So, to help you come to a decision, we’ve listed some of the most important benefits that come with having a roller or up and over garage door installed.

Up and over garage doors: why invest?


An up and over garage door is pulled outwards and upwards so that the door is level with the ceiling when opened. A canopy up and over door is so-named because the door protrudes outwards when open. However, there is also the option to have retractable gearing which allows the door to retract fully into the garage, giving drivers the freedom to park right up to the door when opening it.


As well as being able to pick between two gearing options, there are many other benefits that owners of up and over garage doors can enjoy. Below, we explore just a few of the reasons why this model has continued to be a hit with homeowners everywhere.

Easy to operate


As previously mentioned, up and over garage doors are simply designed so as not to complicate a process that should really be quite simple. When you have a garage door that’s easy to operate, you can guarantee a speedy and straightforward entrance into (or exit from) your garage, something that every homeowner undoubtedly wants.

Reliable and durable


The simplicity of the design means that up and over garage doors are relatively low-maintenance and are known to stand the test of time. Further to this, they are highly reliable and offer great security, giving you peace of mind that both your vehicle and home are safe.

Low cost


Whilst the price of your up and over garage doors will depend on many different factors, the reason they are so popular among homeowners is that they are usually less expensive than other styles. However, it’s important to note that prices are likely to rise if your garage door needs to be purpose made.

Manual or automated operation


Whether you’d like to keep things simple with a door that opens manually or you’re swayed by the convenience that comes with automation, an up and over garage door can work both ways. Customising your garage door to suit your home, lifestyle and design preferences is crucial to being 100% satisfied with the end product and up and over garage doors give you the freedom to do exactly that.

Variety of colour and material options


Whilst this is something that’s true of many garage doors, up and overs come in a range of different colours and materials to suit any and every homeowner. From sleek steel doors to an understated wooden door that emanates natural beauty, there are tons of design options to choose from when browsing for up and over garage doors.

The benefits of roller garage doors


Roller garage doors are arguably even easier to operate than up and overs as they simply roll up to enable access. Further to this, they are a good space-saving option as they don’t take up any ceiling space and they draw directly upwards, ensuring they don’t dominate any room outside of the garage when open.


As well as the above-mentioned points, there are many other benefits including:

Strength and resilience


The vertical tracking of roller garage doors means that they’re much less likely to be damaged by particularly windy weather. In fact, they are highly reliable in all weather conditions and are built to last.



As with up and overs, roller garage doors are fully customisable to suit even the most particular design specifications. There is likely to be a variety of different colours on offer and there is also the option to go for a manual or electric operating system.



One of the great things about roller garage doors is that they can have an extra skin added to them for insulation. This is ideal for those who want their garages to be habitable as it will ensure that cold air is kept out and warmth is maintained.

Simple yet stylish design


The simplicity of a roller door is arguably what makes it so appealing. After all, no one wants to have to battle with a temperamental garage door on a daily basis! Roller garage doors allow for a smooth and stress-free entrance and exit, plus, they usually operate with little to no sound.

Reasonably priced


As with up and over garage doors, the price of roller doors will vary between garage door companies. However, they can often be the less expensive option when it comes to selecting your ideal design.


At South West Garage Doors, we guarantee to supply and install a roller garage doorthat ticks all your boxes and, if need be, we can purpose make a roller garage door at no extra cost!


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