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Security & CCTV

The Benefits of Security and CCTV


Sadly, the need for security systems and CCTV (closed circuit television for) video surveillance is on the rise across the United Kingdom as well as the world. South West Group, a company that serves Plymouth and Cornwell, known for quality industrial and garage doors also provides Security and CCTV installation.

It seems everyone is concerned with security everywhere they go nowadays. That is one of the reasons that the popularity of CCTV and security technology has grown and evolved so much over the past few years.

Installing a security system complete with CCTV video surveillance comes with a multitude of benefits.

Acts as a Deterrent


When intruders see that you have a security camera on your property, they are likely to at least rethink their position. Do they want to be on camera? Do they want to be seen on your property?

CCTV cameras are known to be an effective deterrent to burglars, vandals, and arsonists. These criminals are prone to avoiding homes and businesses equipped with CCTV and security systems.

Remote Viewing Capabilities


CCTV is designed to capture high-definition images that you can stream in real time just about anywhere. Remote viewing allows you to monitor a live video feed from wherever you are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week according to your personal preferences.

As a homeowner, this may or may not be an ideal solution, but for businesses this virtually essential. For instance, a retail store can catch a shoplifter red handed. The technology used for businesses is often different than for residential use. Usually homeowners will only look at video recordings post event. However, some CCTV technologies are designed to alert homeowners using motion detection.

Shows Proof of Crime


Even though most criminals will avoid a home or business with security cameras, there are those who will go for it under any conditions. If that happens, you have a video that captured the crime. You can use that to identify the criminal and prove they were on your property committing a crime.

Security Systems are a Worthy Investment


Contrary to what you might believe, the costs of a security system are within an affordable range for almost everyone. The costs of these systems have come down substantially over the years.

The costs of security and CCTV systems rely on the complexity of the technologies used, the size of the system, and the purpose for the installation. Homeowners can have peace of mind with a simple, but effective system at an affordable price.



Ultimately, it is up to you if you want to have a quality security and CCTV system installed. Whatever makes you feel safe and secure in your home and in your neighborhood.

Businesses can have a quality system installed and monitor their customers and activities as needed to ensure your security.

South West Group (SWGD) is dedicated to customer service and installing quality security and CCTV systems. Learn more about their security, garage doors, industrial doors, gate automation, and access control services here.





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