Signs It’s Time For A Garage Door Repair - 30/05/19

Signs It’s Time For A Garage Door Repair


A broken garage door can be a painful problem to deal with. Until you get it repaired, not only are your cars and home left unsecured, but the sight of it also affects your curb appeal.


While we use our garage doors on a frequent basis, we don’t usually monitor them as closely as we should. Regular inspections of their condition and performance can help prevent any small issues from escalating and resulting in full on failure. This leads to you having to get a costly garage door replacement, which could potentially have been avoided for a few more years.


Now, there are a few things you can look out for to ensure that you can get your garage door repaired quickly. Here are some of the key signs that it may be time for a garage door repair:


If your garage door doesn’t open or close properly


There is a clear need for repair if your garage door isn’t opening or closing as it should using your control system. This particular failure could be due to a breakdown in the connection between the controls and the garage doors. It could be the mechanics of the door itself that aren’t functioning properly, or something may be physically blocking it from moving. Check thoroughly for any potential physical blockages and try the control buttons again before reaching out to a professional garage repaircompany.


If the garage door closes unexpectedly


Unwanted garage door closures could result in a serious safety issue if not dealt with. As garage doors are very heavy pieces, they could close quite quickly and abruptly if there isn’t enough tension in the system. For your safety, as well as the safety of your family and pets, get a professional to deal with any issue of unwanted and unexpected closures.


Any excessive sounds or strange noises could signal the need for a new garage door


As garage doors get older, they start to make more creaking noises while opening and closing. While this is quite normal, any excessive noise and straining sounds could be the sign of a more worrying problem. The noise could be a result of an issue with your garage door spring or opener. Hire a professional to investigate and get to the root cause. They will then be able to advise whether a quick servicing or repair will do the trick, or whether you need to get a new garage door installed.

A slow response to any commands


If your garage door response times are getting longer, it can be hugely frustrating. There’s nothing more annoying than having to spend ages simply parking your car in your own garage. If you notice that your garage doors are taking longer than usual to respond to your simple commands, then they may be in need of repair or servicing.


To give you an idea, it shouldn’t take longer than a couple of seconds for your garage doors to begin to open or close once you press the button. If it’s in good working order, it should then be able to open and close without any delays.


If you start to notice a frequent delay in operation, reach out to a professional garage door company for repairs.


Any imbalance in the rise and fall of your garage door


We’d advise checking that your garage door is balanced every year. You can do this by disconnecting the garage door opener and operating it manually. The test is whether the door continues to rise or fall at the midway point. If you spot that it is sagging, this could be a sign of an issue with the tension spring. Such components will need to be investigated by a professional to ensure that the problem won’t escalate. An imbalanced garage door could lead to accidents if it isn’t dealt with quickly.


A garage door that isn’t operating within the tracks


A garage door installation is designed to operate within tracks on sides of the doors. If the garage door starts to come off the tracks, it could be a sign of damage or deteriorating condition.


A garage door misalignment may be easy to see, or you may only notice this once you spot your door sticking or grinding. Don’t try to realign your garage door to its tracks yourself, as this could lead to further damage (and possible injury).


To prevent the problem from escalating, contact a garage door professional as soon as you notice it. They will be able to inspect the issue in more detail and replace any key components needed to get your garage door back to normal.


Energy inefficiency


If you’ve had your garage doors for a while, check whether they are letting warmth escape from your garage and home and impacting your energy bills. If so, you may want to consider swapping them for a more energy efficient option.


Modern garage doors are designed to be more energy efficient. Investing in one of those newer models could save you quite a bit on energy bills in the long term.

Inconsistent operations


If your garage door is behaving inconsistently, it’s better to get it checked out rather than ignore it. Some people may choose to ignore a problem if it doesn’t occur most of the time. But you can be sure that if your garage door is acting up sometimes, then it is likely to escalate to all the time until you hire a professionalto deal with the underlying issue.


Take any performance problems seriously so it can be repaired in time and you don’t need to invest in a new garage door just yet.

Malfunctioning garage door sensors


Garage door sensors are important to prevent any safety issues. For instance, if your pet runs out into the opening as your garage door is in motion, the sensors should stop the motion. This is a vital safety feature for homes with pets and small children. If you notice any glitches at all with this feature, seek out a professional to get it fixed immediately.

If your garage doors shake excessively while opening or closing


Garage doors with track related issues could lead to noticeable vibration when the door is in motion. The reason for this could be as simple as a dirty track, but it could also be due to a broken component in the lifting system. This problem could further escalate into unwanted and unexpected closures, so get it checked out as soon as you spot it.



Remember, a garage door is an investment that should last for many years without the need for much upkeep. A quality garage door should continue operating at its full efficiency throughout its life span. However, this doesn’t mean that it may not require maintenance from time to time.


To avoid any problems, schedule in an annual inspection and maintenance check with a professional garage door company. We’d recommend getting this scheduled right before winter kicks in. Regular maintenance and quick repairs can limit the need for frequent garage door replacements and also reduce any safety risks of a damaged door.

For all garage door services including maintenance and repair, get in touchwith our friendly and knowledgeable team of garage door experts. At South West Garage Doors, we have many years’ experience dealing with repairs on any make or type of garage door or electric operator.



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