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We are proud members of the door and hardware federation. They are a close as we have to a governing body in the door industry. The DHF are always striving to increase quality and drive out the “cowboys” in our industry, something that all reputable companies endorse.

“They only allow competent companies to join ensuring that you get the best quality contractor to undertake work for you.”

They are impartial and are happy to help you if required.
Their website is http://dhfonline.org.uk/ or http://www.agds.org.uk/

The DHF code of conduct

This CODE OF CONDUCT represents a binding commitment on the part of each DHF member engaged in the manufacture, installation, distribution, maintenance and repair of doors, building hardware and their components to achieve a high standard of quality, safety and reliability.
Each member shall observe and comply with the following requirements at all times:


The member shall observe a high standard of workmanship and any goods or materials supplied by the member shall be fit for the purpose for which they are intended.
The member shall not enter into contracts without being able to comply with the technical and programme requirements, having access to sufficient resources and adequate documentation to fulfil all contract criteria. All goods, materials and workmanship shall comply with relevant statutory requirements. The member shall consistently check all of its own work and remedy all defects and shall ensure that all finished work is of a good standard. The member undertakes to follow up and resolve all customers’ complaints, of whatever nature, promptly and courteously.


All products sold by the member shall have been thoroughly tested and manufactured according to the published specification. All products will meet statutory requirements and shall carry a minimum twelve months warranty.


The member shall have a fully documented quality management system, hold regular reviews and audits of its system and undertake corrective actions to remedy non conformities. This may take the form of BS EN ISO 9001 : 2008 quality assurance certification or manufacturer’s own factory production control to an acceptable level relating to the business concerned.


The member shall have documented training records and shall take active steps to ensure that all operatives, supervisors, office staff and managers receive proper and continuing training to ensure that all personnel have the necessary skills to perform their allotted tasks to the required standards.


The member shall continually monitor its practices with regard to health and safety issues and shall do all that is practicable to prevent personal injury by protecting its employees and all others who may be affected by its work from all foreseeable hazards which could arise from such work. The member shall be able to provide a written health and safety policy and evidence that it has taken all practicable steps to ensure adherence to the policy.
continued overleaf .


The member shall take all reasonably practicable steps to ensure the welfare and stability of employment of all its employees and shall fulfil all of its legal and other duties as an employer.
The member shall not discriminate unlawfully or improperly in respect of employment.


The member shall observe a high standard of business integrity in all aspects of its business dealings. The members shall represent its product and services in an accurate and honest manner and shall not mislead its customers or suppliers in respect of its dealings with that company or any other party.
The member shall accept fair and reasonable terms and conditions in contracts with customers, suppliers or sub-contractors and shall not exercise unlawful or improper leverage or incentive in the negotiation of such contracts.


The member shall maintain a minimum of £2 million public liability and product liability insurance.


Where relevant, the member is required to be in possession of the relevant sub-contractors tax certificate.


DHF acts as a facilitator to promote the resolution of contentious issues by creating a climate in which to reach an amicable solution; the member shall co-operate in the resolution of disputes by providing any information in its possession which may reasonably be requested by DHF


All full members shall comply, as a condition of membership, with the minimum technical standards published from time to time by DHF. Other technical documentation published by DHF is, unless otherwise stated, advisory in nature.


In the event that any member fails to comply with the code of conduct, the member shall receive a warning, together with appropriate advice on compliance with the code of conduct and, in the event of further failure to comply with the code of conduct, the member may be suspended or expelled from DHF by decision of the Executive Committee.
In the event of any complaint arising out of an alleged breach of this code of conduct by a member of the DHF, formal written notice of the complaint should be sent to the Secretariat of the DHF who will arrange for the matter to be investigated factually and brought to the attention of the Executive Committee for consideration and appropriate action.


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    Simon Bartington
    First class service from Jon and his Team, from initial consultation to recommending a versatile and robust Security System on our apartment complex and multiple gates. Most professional tradesperson I have dealt with in decades, knocks spots off all the other Security Gate Suppliers in the South West, we have used lots of them in the past 30 years! Save your time and money and give these guys a call as your first call!
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  • Brilliant service. Arrived on day of call and Sam was extremely helpful. Solved the problem and am a happy customer. Will have all services done with them in future.